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We grow small quantities of many varieties, unlike the big growers that may have rows and rows of each variety.  Because of this, many varieties are in short supply and only a fraction of them are listed on the website.  If you are looking for a particular variety you don't see, email us and ask if we grow it.  If so, we'll be happy to add it to your order if possible.

Orders can be placed online or you can mail/email your order to:

The Shady Spot
Judy Schneider
1778 CR 107
Whitesboro, TX  76273


You may add to or change your order at any time until it is dug for shipment.  Please mail/email your additions or deletions to us to avoid over paying shipping charges, though.  
Bonuses are always included (and we try to be generous with them).  If you DON'T want bonuses sent, please leave a note on your order.
We will not substitute without your approval.  A list of approved subs and suggestions for bonuses are welcome.  Just list them with your order.

All photos on this website were taken of the actual iris growing in our garden.

Rhizomes are guaranteed to be healthy and true to name.  We cannot be responsible for losses due to adverse growing conditions in your garden but will be happy to help you solve any issues you have with your irises. 

If you have any problems with your order, please let us know upon receipt. Happy customers are our goal!